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Disparate Impact

Disparate Treatment


Hostile Work Environment

Unlawful Retaliation

Wrongful Termination


Pursuant to the Washington Law Against Discrimination (WLAD) it is illegal to discriminate based on protected classes in the areas of employment, housing, places of public accommodation, real estate & credit transactions, and insurance.  Protected classes include Race or Color; National Origin; Creed; Sex or Pregnancy; Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity; Veteran or Military Status; Presence of any Sensory, Mental, or Physical Actual Disability or Perceived Disability; Use of a Service Animal; HIV or Hepatitis C; Marital Status (except in public accommodation); Breastfeeding (in public accommodation); Age (40+ employment only); and Families with Children (housing only).

If you believe that you’ve been a victim of discrimination, then it’s important to know your rights as soon as possible.  There are time limitations to seek relief through administrative agencies and/or the court system. Unfortunately, if you’re beyond the limitation periods, then your claims will likely be barred. We’ve been practicing Washington State discrimination law for over a decade.  We can help you understand the laws and represent you in bringing claims for relief against your employer. Contact us today at (253) 396-9000 and you will always speak directly with attorney Greg Williams.